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PROMO Multiplex Funray RR 2000 mm


PROMO Multiplex Funray RR 2000 mm

€385.00 €415.00

FunRay by Multiplex version KIT # 214334

FunRay by Multiplex version RR # 264334


The FunRay by Multiplex is an elegant motorglider, of a new kind unreleased in the range of models of the German manufacturer.

FunRay takes back the legendary flight qualities of Multiplex models, combining robustness and lightness.

Thanks to its innovative hybrid structure combining carbon fiber, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and this specific foam ELAPOR®, FunRay is a rigid, precise acro glider, capable of amazing Speed ​​in plain as in the slope. FunRay has separate ailerons and flaps and is available in two versions:

- Kit to assemble and equip

- or mounted model RR, ready for radio


The FunRay by Multiplex is an innovative model!

• Incredible performance for a foam model

• Highly resilient wing and tail featuring plastic leading edges and aluminum / carbon side rails

• Safety plug sockets for servo plugs with M6 high-current plugs in the wings (# 1-00112)

• Removable wings and stabilizer

• Rudder with removable recessed hinges

• Rigid fuselage thanks to M-Space technology and carbon reinforcement in square tube over the entire length of the fuselage, from the engine torque to the tail support

• High performance brushless motor (# 1-00103) with a power of 500 Watt, available as an option for the kit

• Propeller with folding blades, reinforced with carbon fiber (# 1-00091), available as an option for the kit

• UV-resistant quality decoration, designed by Mirco Pecorari

• Film / shockproof landing pad protection

• Wide range of use, extreme precision of flight controls thanks to the 6 Hitec HS-65HB servos with Karbonite gears (# 1-00113), available as an option for the kit

• Unbreakable tinted glass

• Transparent canopy with cockpit (# 1-00138), available as an option

• Reinforced control rails with stainless steel tubes

• Inside sufficiently spacious for housing the battery and the various RC components



FunRay Features by Multiplex

Wingspan: 2000 mm

Overall Length: 1230 mm

Weight in flight: 1790 g depending on equipment

Wing area: 40 dm²

Wing loading: 45 g / dm²

No. of Channels: 7 Channels

Functions RC: Elevator, Rudder, Flaps (x2), Ailerons (x2), motor

Flight time: approx. 20 min 

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