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Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster V2 -  Red / White scheme - ARF

Legacy Aviation

Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster V2 - Red / White scheme - ARF


Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster

** Building Service and parts optional available on all planes **

Introducing the UPDATED 84" Turbo Bushmaster CNC! Based on the venerable Turbo Beaver, this Cody Wojcik design is quite simply one of the most popular planes we've produced. The updated 84" Bushmaster features more access and ease of assembly with the removable windscreen via the CNC latches.  Field assembly is now minimized with CNC quick latches to secure the two piece wing and a single bolt to attach/remove the strut.

All control surfaces are pushrod driven with short linkages and use ball links for slop free actuation with no binding.  Expertly painted fiberglass cowl and mounting hardware matching the 2 gorgeous high visibility Ultracote color schemes are the finishing touches that will make this an airplane that you will be proud to show up at the flying field with. 

As with all of our aircraft the 84" Turbo Bushmaster incorporates carbon fiber and G10 composites into the structure of the airframe, resulting in a lightweight, yet twist free structure. Big and light, the Bushmaster is as gentle and forgiving as any trainer we've ever flown, making for a very enjoyable and relaxing flying experience. Flip the rate switches and the model transforms into an extremely capable aerobat! 

Experiment with the various flap mixes that are possible with double beveled ailerons and flaps and you open up a whole new envelope of high lift/high drag maneuvers. Although the Bushmaster spans 84" typical AUW is below 8 pounds! You can imagine how "floaty" a model this size is at that weight!  Couple the 84" Bushmaster with the T-Motor AM600 power combo and be prepared for unlimited vertical performance!


  • Wingspan : 84 inches (2133mm)
  • Length : 64 inches (1625mm)
  • Wing Area : 800 sq. in.
  • Weight : 7.5-8.5lbs depending on battery (3.5-4kg)

Recommended completion items :

  • Motor : T-Motor AM600 Motor 525 KV 
  • ESC : T-Motor AM116
  • Prop : 16x8 , 17 x8 
  • Battery : Gens Ace 6s 4000mah 60C
  • Spinner : EF Cyclone 63 mm spinner INCLUDED
  • Modern 7 channel computer radio and receiver
  • Servos: Qty. 6 metal geared mini servos (Savox SV1250MG, Savox SV1261MG, Theta 989.)
  • Servo Arms: (5) 1.25" Lightweight EF Servo Arms tapped for 2mm (ailerons/flaps/elevator) (1) 3" Lightweight EF Servo Arm tapped for 2mm (elevator)
  • Extensions when using MPX multi wire servo plug: (2) 12" 22-28awg extensions (outer ailerons to multi plug), (1) 24" 22-28awg extensions (elevator)




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