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XFly B-1B Lancer 2x70mm EDF jet PNP (Integrated Gyro)

X fly

XFly B-1B Lancer 2x70mm EDF jet PNP (Integrated Gyro)


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XFly B-1B Lancer 2x70mm EDF JET PNP 

DescriptionThe B-1B Lancer model is a detailed replica of the legendary B-1B Lancer strategic nuclear bomber flown by the US Air Force. With 8 usable channels, including Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder, Gear, Flaps, Spread Wings and a reverse thrust option, this model offers full control over all of its flight systems. The large functional scale swept wing is designed for optimized high speed and low speed flight, combined with the 70mm "Galaxy-X7" 12-blade EDF system, achieves excellent performance and almost instantaneous accelerations. Collapsible metal undercarriages absorb impact, sequenced undercarriage doors, LED navigation and landing lights fitted, add to the realism of the model. Working flaps improve take-off and landing while integrated wing connectors make it easy to install or remove the main wings. The model is quick and easy to assemble, requires no glue, and includes a 3-axis stabilization system for improved stability and control. Durable EPO foam construction makes this model both lightweight and impact resistant.


  • Twin powerful 6S-compatible inrunner motors with 12-blade 2x70mm fan deliver excellent top speed and vertical performance
  • Fits 6S 5000-6000mAh batteries which will provide a wide range in performance and flight times
  • Fast and precise factory-installed digital servos with ball-link equipped linkages for accurate movements
  • Strong CNC metal landing gears with shock absorbing
  • 5 retracts
  • LED landing lights on front strut
  • 3-axis gyro integrated into the main circuit with On/Off switch
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable EPO construction

Technical Specifications

  • Wingspan: 1766mm / 69.5in (extended) - 1140mm / 44.9in (retracted)
  • Length: 1920mm / 75.6in
  • Wing load: 130g/dm²
  • Wing Area: 37dm² 
  • Flying weight: around 5000g
  • CG: 48mm from the leading edge
  • EDFs: 2x70mm 12-blade EDF (Galaxy X-7 6S version)
  • Motors: 2x Brushless Inrunner 3060-KV2200
  • ECSs: 2x80A
  • Servos: 1x25g - 3x13g - 5x9g Digital
  • 3 axis Gyro
  • Ailerons: Yes
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Rudder: Yes
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Retractable CNC Metal Landing Gear
  • Retract: 5 pcs
  • LED Landing lights
  • Recommended Radio: 6 channel
  • Recommended environment: Outdoor
  • Flying time: Approx. 5-8 minutes
  • Takeoff/Landing: runway or short grass
  • Mounting duration: around 20minutes
  • Required
  • 6-Channel radio transmitter
  • 6-Channel receiver
  • Gens ace 6-Cell 22.2V 5600-mAh 80C 
  • 6-Cell compatible battery charger
ype of kit: PNP
Wingspan (mm): 1776mm/69.9in extended, 1140mm/44.9in retracted
Length (mm): 1920mm/75.6in
Flying weight (gr) around 5000g
Wing Surface Area: 37dm²
Wing Loading: approx. 130g/dm²
CG (Center of Gravity) Check manual
Servos 9g servos x 5, 13g servos x 3, 25g servo x 1
Servo type: Digital
EDF Diameter Class (mm): 2 x 70
Blades: 12
Turbine shroud Synthetic
EDF Rotor Synthetic
Power System 2x Brushless 3060-KV2200
Turns/min/Volt (Kv): 2200
Motor Type: In-Runner
Motor Diameter (mm): 30
Electronic Speed Control 2 x 80A BEC 10A
Battery Type LiPo-Accu
Battery Cells: 6s - 22.2v
Battery Capacity (mAh) 5.000 mAh, 6.000 mAh
Connection: XT90
Surfaces Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps
Landing Gear Retractable suspended gear
Lights Landing light
Material EPO Foam
Build time 1/2 hour
Required Radio 6 channels minimum
Recommended pilot skill level Beginner, Intermediate


Click here for the instruction manual



We offer several setups for Jeti and Spektrum 

Building , adding formation lights , setup service possible 

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