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Freewing Eurofighter 1030mm  V3 EDF Ultra high performance 8s    Jet  - PNP


Freewing Eurofighter 1030mm V3 EDF Ultra high performance 8s Jet - PNP


New 3d extra time selected 



The Freewing Eurofighter is one of the most unique EDF jets in both looks and function, and now it's available in this all new 8S High Performance version for 2023 and beyond. This is not a retool of the old version. This is a 100% new Eurofighter. There were two big goals for this model. This model had to be fast and it had to be significantly more scale than the old version from years ago. In order to achieve speed and efficiency, a 100% new 8S power system was created for this plane.

The new version of the Eurofighter now includes a 4075-1350Kv brushless inrunner motor with a 100% new 12-blade EDF unit and 120A ESC with 8A/BEC for superior performance and sound. The new Eurofighter includes a thrust reversing function to slow the plane on shorter runways as well as an airbrake which will aid in high alpha maneuvers as well as slowing the plane down after landing.

Scale, CNC Landing Gear
The all-new Freewing Eurofighter Typhoon sports impressively looking scale, grey-painted landing gear, CNC-made for both outstanding looks and durability.
Functioning Scale Airbrake
Functioning Scale Airbrake
The Typhoon includes a functioning scale airbrake, operating on a linear electric actuator to help aid in high alpha maneuvers as well as slowing the plane down after landing.

Spring-Loaded Top Cheaters
Incorporating an innovative ammenity, Freewing has added spring-loaded top-side cheaters that only open and close based on air pressure differential.

100% All-New Molding
The Eurofighter 2023 addition is not a re-tooling from the older version. It is an entirely new mold with new and updated features and closer-to-scale detail that dwarfs the original version.

    NEW! Completely redesigned mold from front to back
    NEW! Completely new 12-blade factory-balanced EDF combined with 4075-1350Kv brushless inrunner motor produces top end EDF jet performance and realistic jet turbine sound
    NEW! 120 Amp Hobbywing ESC with 8A UBEC
    NEW! Thrust Reversing function for shorter landings
    NEW! Functional scale air brake for high alpha and help with shorter runways
    Scale weapon set and pylons (10 total) included
    Flight surfaces are controlled with 9g and 17g digital metal gear servos for precise movement, strength and long life
    Bright LED landing and navigation lights for enhanced realism and dawn/dusk maneuvers
    Electronic retractable landing gear with CNC shock-absorbing struts and metal trunnions
    Scale, sequenced gear doors provide added realism and improved aerodynamics
    Upgraded pushrod clevis and metal ball head connectors provide a robust connection between servo and control surface and eliminate "play"
    Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)

    Freewing Eurofighter Typhoon 8S Ultra Performance 90mm EDF Jet - PNP
    Servos, EDF, brushless inrunner motor, lights, retracts and ESC all pre-installed
    Scale weapon set and pylons (10 total)

    7 Channel radio
    7 Channel receiver
    2 x Gens Ace 4s 5000 mAh 60c  LiPo batteries with EC5 connector  
    EC5 2-to-1 series adapter
    4 Cell compatible battery charger

Product Specifications:

Model Scale N/A
Wingspan 1030mm / 40.5in
Length 1450mm / 57in
Empty Weight 3230g
CG (Center of Gravity) 215mm from the leading edge of the wing's root
Power System 4075-1350Kv Brushless Inrunner Motor (included)
Electronic Speed Control 120A with 8A/BEC (included)
Propeller / EDF 12-Blade EDF (included)
    9g digital hybrid gear servo with 200mm lead : nose gear steering, landing gear door - MD31093-200
    9g digital gear servo with 400mm lead : left canard, right canard - MD31092-400
    9g digital hybrid gear servo with 500mm lead : rear cabin door left - MD31093-500
    9g digital hybrid reverse gear servo with 500mm lead : rear cabin door right - MD31093R-800
    17g digital metal gear servo with 100mm lead : rudder - MD31172-100
    17g digital metal gear servo with 300mm lead : left aileron, right aileron - MD31172-300
Landing Gear Electronic, CNC retractable scale gear
Required Battery
2 x Gens Acer 4s 5000 mAh 60c  LiPo batteries with EC5 connector  
Required Radio 7+ Channel (required)
Ailerons Elevons
Elevator Elevons
Rudder Yes
Flaps No
Lights Yes
Hinge Type Nylon
Material EPO Foam
Skill Level Advanced/Expert
Build Time 3 Hours
Recommended Environment Outdoors




We offer several setups for Jeti and Spektrum 

Building , adding formation lights , setup service possible 

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