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Freewing 80mm 12 blade  EDF Avanti V2 S Ultimate Sport Jet - PNP


Freewing 80mm 12 blade EDF Avanti V2 S Ultimate Sport Jet - PNP


New 3d extra time selected jet

Version Info: This is the V2 version which has many upgrades, including a powerful 3658-2150Kv inrunner motor with a 12-blade fan. See the features below for more details.

Renowned worldwide as the ultimate EDF sport jet blending precision performance in a sleek and affordable package, the Freewing 80mm Avanti S is a fan-favorite powerhouse. Building on the performance of the original Avanti S, the Avanti S V2 takes that performance to the next level!

The Avanti S V2 showcases impressive performance with its all-new 80mm 12-blade ducted fan and high-powered 3658-2150Kv brushless inrunner motor. The sound produced by this setup is truly phenomenal, while the aircraft delivers incredible power for an exhilarating flying experience. Moreover, Freewing has gone beyond just power upgrades, implementing various enhancements throughout the aircraft. Areas such as the landing gear, nose gear doors, control horns, and elevator hinges have been updated and strengthened to improve durability and performance. To top it off, the color scheme was updated to the one selected by our wonderful Freewing customers!

New Color Scheme
The Avanti S V2 sports a brand new, sleek, red and light gray color scheme that was picked by Freewing customers in our Facebook group.
Upgraded with a 12-blade EDF, a powerful 3658-2150Kv inrunner motor, and 100A thrust reversing ESC, the Avanti S V2 has incredible power.
Improved Landing Gear Design
The main gear shock absorber has been strengthened and optimized for better support, and the nose gear has been shortened, providing more stable ground handling, while also helping to minimize bounce on touch down.
Revised Cockpit
The cockpit now includes a pilot and sports a clear canopy to provide an unobstructed view.
Redesigned Nose Gear Doors
The nose gear door frame and gear doors have been redesigned to ensure tighter closure of the doors, minimizing drag and optimizing aerodynamic performance.
Shock absorbing, trailing link landing gear with large tires make grass field flying a breeze.
With digital hybrid metal gear servos on all of the flying surfaces and brass ball link control hardware, the Avanti S V2 delivers precise responses to your control inputs.
Split Flaps
The split flaps help execute short takeoffs and slow, controlled landing approaches.

    New! 80mm 12-blade ducted fan and powerful 3658-2150Kv brushless inrunner motor provides awesome power and incredible real life jet turbine sound
    New! 100 Amp thrust reversing ESC
    New! Color scheme picked by Freewing customers
    New! Optimized nose landing gear to reduce yaw and landing bounce
    New! Redesigned nose landing gear door frame and gear doors to optimize aerodynamics and keep doors closed tighter
    New! Thicker and stronger shock absorber parts in the main landing gear
    New! More hinges to the horizontal stabilizer for improved elevator hinge strength
    New! Upgraded control horns for more strength and reliability
    New! Revised cockpit with pilot added
    New! CG marker is now on the bottom of the wings
    New! No bare white foam to prevent aging and discoloration
    New! Fuselage belly protection strip prevents foam damage during landing, handling, and transport
    Officially licensed by SebArt International, the Avanti's original designer
    Digital hybrid metal gear servos throughout
    Optimized ducting that eliminates the need for a cheater hole
    Electric retracts and trailing link suspension struts for grass operation
    Removable wings with quick disconnect plug
    LED position lights on the wingtips, dorsal spine, and ventral keel
    Magnetic removable nose cone with plastic cap for durability
    Split flaps

    Freewing Avanti S V2 80mm EDF Sport Jet - PNP

    6 Channel Radio
    6 Channel Receiver
    6 Cell 22.2V 4000 - 6000 mAh LiPo Battery with EC5 connector
    Minimum 6 Cell Battery Charger

Product Specifications:
AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Advanced
Wingspan 1236mm / 48.7in
Length 1300mm / 51.2in
Flying Weight ~2800g / 98.7oz
CG (Center of Gravity) 105-110mm where wing's LE meets fuselage (see manual diagram)
Power System 3658-2150Kv brushless inrunner motor
Electronic Speed Control 100A thrust reversing ESC with EC5 connector
Propeller / EDF 80mm EDF with 12-blade fan
    9g hybrid metal gear standard with 200mm lead : nose gear steering. left flap, right flap - MD31093-200
    9g hybrid metal gear standard with 400mm lead : left aileron, right aileron - MD31093-400
    9g hybrid metal gear reverse with 900mm lead : right elevator - MD31093R-900
    9g hybrid metal gear standard with 900mm lead : left elevator, rudder - MD31093-900
Landing Gear Electric retracts and trailing link suspension struts for grass operation
Required Battery Gens Ace 6S 22.2V 5100mAh 80C LiPo with EC5 connector
Required Radio 6+ channel
Ailerons Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Split
Lights Yes
Hinge Type Nylon reinforced hinges
Material EPO foam
Skill Level Advanced
Build Time 1 Hour
Recommended Environment Outdoor


Type: Jet
Material: Foam
Powered by: Electro
Equipment: PNP
Spanwidth: 100 - 149cm
Manufacturer: Freewing
For LiPo cells: 3s 6s
EDF-Type: 80mm
Landing gear: included
Flaps: included

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